DAY 1: Let’s Do It!

November 20 , 2018


This is the Day 1,  post for the Pinoy Passive Profits Project. A brand new ship that’s about to set sail. But not to make it sound too complex, It’s an online journal that I created to record all my new e-finance endeavours via eToro. Think of it as me taking hits for your benefit. Learn from my mistakes without having to lose your own cash. I’ll be logging all the tips and tricks that I learn along the way as well. If you’re interested in my previous endeavour AFFILIATE MARKETING for WANDRD you can CLICK HERE to learn my story.



  1. CRYPTO Trading – merging into the new markets, eToro is one of the easiest ways to trade eCrurrency in the modern age.
  2. eToro Mobile App ( Android & Apple ) – check the index and your investments in any place that has internet.
  3. COPY TRADING – ( Remember This )  – This should be the main reason for you to be on eToro. If you have a dispensable budget partitioned from your main account (do not invest your life savings ) and also have a low understanding of  the eTrading market but’ve always been interested. eToro is the platform for you. COPY TRADING enables you to base your research on the success rate of eToro’s users and ride along with them on their investments. Here’s a resourceful video for your understanding:




There’s the ones which you need to know about (if all you want to do is copy other people) and then there’s ones which you really don’t need to know about so much unless you’re trading yourself. the first group are the withdraw and the conversion fees – you’re going to need to pay these when you put money into Etoro, and also when you withdraw funds back into your bank account or credit card. There’s also one based on being inactive on the site for over 12 months, but I’ve never heard anyone even experience that one yet 🙂 The second group is spread, overnight, and weekend fees – the spreads are one of the primary ways that the broker makes their money – they’re charged on all buys and sells on the site (it’s the standard way this industry makes money) but they’re for the person you’re copying to worry about as it’s part of their job. These charges will show up in the person you’re copying’s profit and loss for you, so if you don’t like the way they’re performing, you just find another person to copy. It’s pretty simple. from SOCIAL TRADING VLOG

Let’s get started:

Step 1:  Sign Up for a Free Account on  eToro website. ( Get A Free $100,000.00 of eToro PRACTICE CREDITS if you sign up with this link: CLICK HERE ) Step 2: Input your Passport No. ( The only requirement. ) Step 3: ( Available in Day 2 ) Deposit money to your account.  Minimum: $200.00 Here are EToro’s transaction fees as promised:



eToro Withdrawal FAQs:




Resource of the Day:

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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