DAY 2: Requirements and First Deposit

November 21 , 2018

This is the Day 2,  our follow up post from our last failure of a sign-up video but hey that’s what I’m here for. ( As a resource for you to learn from my mistakes, without you having to make any. – Just awesome! )

But seriously guys thanks for reading and watching this. I hope we all get through this journey together win or lose. Well on Day 2 we’re discussing the specific requirements you’ll be needing to authorize and start trading. Also as an added bonus we will be making our first Copy Trade on the eToro in the end.  

Requirements for Account Approval:

1) A Passport and Passport Picture

2) Your Bank Statement for proof of billing

3) TIN No.

4) A Cellphone for two factor verification

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To be honest, Yes this is scary for me. Investing my own money.

So to be honest with you, yes this was scary. Investing my own $200.00 ( Php 10,000.00 ) to an online stockmarket / social media platform mutation is no easy task. Once again, this is an experiment I honestly want to see if there’s any merit to doing eToro . Especially coming from a total amateur-ish perspective. I only have a basic knowledge of the stock market and crypto. To the point where my stock knowledge is just knowing the basic terminology and structure of how business is dealt with here. That’s why I’m documenting my journey through this insane online endeavor.

Let’s get through this together.

So just like Day 1 in Day 2 we’ve made some of the usual mistakes especially coming from those pesky fund transfers. If you haven’t watched our Day 1 video link is here .  

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