My Story: How a Filipino made ₱403,309.31 / $7,702 with Passive Online Income

It all started with me purchasing this bag via Kickstarter. I’ve been in love with the brand and the bag ever since I saw the bag trailer. So naturally I just did the research, what I tend to look for before making a purchase are video reviews specifically for that product. What better place to look for those gems of resources than on YOUTUBE.

I did my best to look for reviews with either people that get early releases of the bag or the bag company themselves. But it was barren, dry, deserted;  I couldn’t find anything, the best thing I did find was just their teaser / trailer for the bag on their campaign page. So I went with that, re-watchad and re-watched it ( like the gear freak I am ) until I started to memorise the features I started even going deeper and deeper. Up until I finally recieved the bag in the following months.


I Finally Have It. Now Let’s Make A Video.

My First Bag Review


Now before receiving this bag, I remembered that it didn’t have a review on youtube. This resonated with me, to the point where I thought of making my own video. I knew the material and purpose, I had enough basic knowledgeof the in’s and out’s of the product.

So I made my own review video on my channel and that had to be the best decision I ever did in my life.


Big Words. Yes.


So You Made A Review Video? So What??

Yes I made a review video just for the heck of it. Without any urge of receiving money, free stuff and mass shameless self-promotion. I just made a review video for the sake of trying to help people like me out there who’s looking for those answers. Those specific answers. That’s why it’s important to find your niché. 

So I went on the WANDRD website and noticed they had a Influencers Program tab on their footer. Clicked the link. Low and behold. This page was exactly what I was looking for. I filled out the form and peppered in my own personal information.

Clicked Submit and waited. ( Just like that )

After a pain staking 2 days,  I ended up a receiving an email from WANDRD informing me that my social media following isn’t enough to be accepted into their influencer program. Rejection, no problem ( I had 40 followers. I knew it was a stretch to be considered an influencer) and rather redirected me to apply to their affiliate program instead.  So I go there. Filled up the form and peppered in my personal information there again.

Clicked Submit and waited. (basically my life.)

Now in the next email I was sent a link to the affiliate page ( Peppered info. Got my link and pasted it on the description panel of my review video. I really had no idea this would change my life.


I started earning comission and was shocked to see my monthly earnings.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 5.14.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-22 at 5.14.04 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-22 at 5.12.55 PM


Turns out the bag became a semi-viral hit, especially owning on youtube by having one of the earliest bag reviews.

With an affiliate link mixed in. I was redirecting a huge amount of youtube users and converted that to bag sales for

When I made my first $300.00 on July 19 ,2016. I started noticing that this was a very feasable way of earning money online. Without having to do much. The bag soon started to sell itself with the brand partnering with major influencers and having it resonate to a very specific group of travelers, outdoors junkies and motorcyclist. My passive income on December 8 , 2016 started to grow from $300.00 to $561.00 ( which felt amazing ).

Then the brand started diversifying, by making a more smaller version ( 21 L ) of their best selling model the PRVKE.



So I made a stack series of videos for the bag. Then that’s what started to get things rolling for me. I made all these avenues for people to understand the product much better and by helping them ( ex. answering to their comments and questions ) . They felt more comfortable making the purchase. The best comments I got we’re the ones about them finally receiving their backpack and how happy they were. Very genuine.

A few months go by, now by this time I was earning $300 – $800.00 in 2017 from my previous $561.00 in 2016.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6.55.51 AMWhich was insane for me and by no means did I think it was possible to happen to a small town filipino kid in the middle of the Philippines.

Then WANDRD noticed the conversions / sales my account was directing and offered to send me a product for free.


Regarding Free Product and Paid Promotion (2017):  Now once you start getting products for free, youtube is a different ball game. Because once a company starts helping you out. You have to state that you received the item for free and that you are now earning income / comission everytime they click your link and click your bag.

Just be fully transparent with your viewers. That helps your credibilty and increase your trust. Which is always a good thing.

Regarding Taxes: (Do Your Own Research, My Experience May Be Different Than Yours) I know this may seem complicated to get into and the perks for some with regards to working online is not having to pay taxes. But this is important and may save your ass in the future. Go online and look for an account around your area and email them regarding your inquiry on Online Earnings. You’d be surprised how open they are to that information. Better yet offer to hire them if you don’t have one yet.


All-in-all I made more than $7000.00 with my 3 years in affiliate marketing for WANDRD.


Eventually my earnings did stop, WANDRD started to put a priority on their own marketing rather than having to rely on others to sell their products for them. They gained enough traction, that they only narrowed it down towards high-conversion influencers. Which I totally understand and respect, it was a good business decision on their part.

I do not regret my time earning affiliate income from wandrd, It’s been one of the best experiences in my life. Actually earning money from youtube or by being on the internet was the cherry on top. I climbed up the mountain and saw what was possible. Also another awesome thing was, that my parents did too and their reactions were priceless. I really appreciated that.

Honestly I was earning alot from a considerable margin and I could tell the oppurtunity that they gave me was a bit of a stretch. So I understood the decision of closing down their first affiliate program. To their credit, they offered to apply me to another affiliate program that sent checks via the U.S. instead of my preferred paypal transfers. I opted not to join. It didn’t seem convenient for me.

So now that it ended, It took time for me to accept it. Not having the emails from paypals. Chatting with Ryan regarding the next release and features for their upcoming line up.

I tried looking for diffent avenues, emailing companies and appyling for other affiliate accounts. I never stopped looking for the next oppurtunity.

Which leads us here.


Last Minute Learnings & Inspirationballs –


If there’s one thing I’d like to leave you before you head out to the real world is that

It’s 100% possible to earn money online.

If I could change one thing about what I did or maybe refining my steps, It would have to be:

  • putting a majority of my earnings  to finding more affiliate oppurtinities
  • figure out ways / make campaigns to increase social media following
  • interviewed the founders earlier on, as a video
  • giveaways to increase followers

Don’t let anyone tell you that just because you’re infront of a screen most of the time, that you’re a useless piece of human existence – ( not my best metaphor ) It depends on what you put into that screen is what matters.

That didn’t come out right. But really, oppurtunities come out especially when you least expect it. Appreciate it and repect it the way any fragile thing in this world.

The best feeling in this world, is proving people wrong.


“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” 
Paulo Coelho


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